The Transgender War Against Human Rights

These ‘bathroom bills’ in states like South Dakota show that the LGBT political agenda ultimately degrades human rights, suppresses scientific truths, and ends government by consent.

LGBT activists are terrified that South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard will follow his legislature’s lead in refusing to succumb to the high-pressure conformity tactics they’ve used to cow many other politicians. If Daugaard signs House Bill 1008, his state will be the first to secure men, women, and young children’s rights to use locker rooms and bathrooms free from the eyes and presence of people who are biologically of the opposite sex.

So LGBT groups are spewing forth even more of their usual overhyped invective. The laughably named Human Rights Campaign has been sending forth feverish press releases imperiously demanding that men be allowed to shower in the same area as little girls, lest children be endangered. Yes, really: “These appalling proposals [to keep men out of little girls’ showers and bathrooms] would compromise the safety and well-being of the young people we all have the duty and obligation to support and protect.” A little more self-awareness, please.

More likely HRC’s urgent tone reflects the fact that many state lawmakers have this year introduced bills intended to protect women and children from finding themselves undressed next to a person of the opposite sex, with no recourse. More than two-dozen of these bills have surfaced in the past six months in states including Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, Texas, and Wisconsin. The spike in such bills is a direct response to the Obama administration last year forcing public schools in Illinois and Virginia to put boys in girls’ dressing, bathroom, and shower facilities, or lose federal K-12 funds. The administration will soon release a “hit list” of religious colleges that similarly protect sexual privacy.

Transgender: A Bridge Too Far

Many lawmakers find forcing little girls to undress next to men and boys too intolerant for even their heavily conditioned tastes, as this report from a debate in Indiana shows: “The ‘T’ (in LGBT) is a stumbling block at the moment,” [Senate President David] Long said…Democrats refused to support a proposal that did not include civil rights protections for transgender Hoosiers. But Republicans refused to support a proposal that included them.” LGBT activists’ refusal to compromise in red-state Indiana on forcibly injecting transgender men into women and children’s bathrooms this month tanked a broader special-rights bill for a stack of their preferred sexual minorities.

These lawmakers’ common-sense stance was totally non-controversial about a year ago. Now all of a sudden schools that have boys’ and girls’ bathrooms are being propagandized as “extremist.” Why the rush? Because this logical extension of the LGBT agenda is so obviously anti-reality that to succeed they must push it through, fast and furiously. In this case, the method is to smear the legislators and the vast majority of South Dakotans they represent, claiming they are “attacking transgender children.”

Nothing is further from the truth. South Dakotan legislators and their compatriots across the country are standing up, both to protect the vulnerable women and children of America who comprise a majority of the population and to protect rights for everyone that are far more important than forcibly rearranging private spaces to accommodate feelings that are probably best resolved through psychotherapy, not enabling self- and other-abuse.

Here’s how these “bathroom bills” show that the LGBT political agenda ultimately degrades human rights, suppresses scientific truths, and ends government by consent.

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Source: The Transgender War Against Human Rights