Reflecting His Grace

How marvelous are your ways, oh Lord,
your mercies every morning you renew.

How many disappointments can your grace afford?
You love us Lord in spite of what we do.

So many times we stumble and we fall Lord.
It seems sometimes we cannot find the way.

Your grace and loving mercy see us through, Lord.
We depend upon your faithfulness each day.

Such love and mercy calls for deep commitment.
Help us to see the sacrifice you made.

Its through your blood that we receive atonement.
May we each day recall the price you paid.

Holy Spirit guide us as we follow
the footsteps of God’s one and only Son.

We know that when He comes to claim us
A victor’s crown for us He has already won.

The running of the race begets endurance.
The more we run the more we look like you.

Oh Lord,  we want to be a mirror image
reflecting God’s own love just like you do.

Copyright 2008 Kent W McDonald