UK: Muslim taxi driver with “extremely modest” income found with huge weapons cache and $2,000,000 worth of drugs

How did he afford the drugs, which are often used to finance jihad activity? Where did he get the weapons? He had “a large collection of mobile phones, face masks, knives and digital scales.” Mobile phones, face masks, knives: those could be used for drug dealing but also for jihad activity.

“JAILED: Taxi driver found with huge haul of weapons and £1.5m worth of drugs,” by John Scott, Express & Star, December 15, 2017:

A taxi driver found with an arsenal of weapons and £1.5m worth of drugs was starting a 20-year 10 month prison sentence today.

Mohammed Asif leapt naked from an upstairs window when police burst into his home in the early hours of May 26, Wolverhampton Crown Court was told.

The married 30-year-old landed on a wheelie bin and was quickly detained by officers who ringed the Queens Road, Smethwick property, revealed Mr Nicholas Smith, prosecuting.

Over £60,000 worth of cocaine and heroin was hidden in various places throughout the address along with a large collection of mobile phones, face masks, knives and digital scales.

A bag with over £45,000 was concealed behind the cushions of a settee.

Two sets of car keys were discovered during the search which Asif said were both for the Skoda parked on his drive but only one opened it. A simultaneous raid was carried out by police at a house in Bearwood Road, Smethwick, occupied by tenants but linked to the defendant, where there was another Skoda.

Mr Smith continued: “When opened it was found to be packed with drugs and guns.” The haul included three revolvers, two of which were loaded and ammunition for the third.

There was also a shotgun and cartridges, a Taser stun gun, 23.5 half kilo blocks of heroin with a street value of £1.2m together with a large amount of cocaine, material capable of producing a batch of the synthetic drug Spice valued at £50,000 and around 200 rounds of ammunition.

Asif bought and sold cars as well as working as a taxi driver but his income was ‘extremely modest,’ maintained Mr Oliver Blunt QC, defending….

Source: Jihad Watch