The Biggest Donut Hole of All

Radical Muslims are quite energetic in their blasphemies. They want their blasphemies to come across as blasphemies. Like a toddler in the middle of an epic meltdown, they know what they want and they know how to get it.

Secularists are quite tepid in their blasphemies. I mean, cartoons?

But immediately I must correct myself. Secularists are not tepid at all in protecting their precious liberal state when they perceive a threat to it from Christians. They know how to play hard ball, but it needs to be against an entity they consider to be truly dangerous to the liberal order. This means that they must be fierce with the Christians. Christians who think we ought not to spend more money that we don’t have are enemies of all mankind, while Muslims who blow themselves up in public places are “activists” who perhaps went a tad overboard in their zeal for the religion of peace.

The problem is that many Christians have taken their cue on how to respond to the secularists by imitating how the secularists are responding to the radical Muslims. This is not just simple imitation; unfortunately Christians have taken a goodish bit of secular thinking on board. They still believe, alas, in the myth of neutrality.

The Biggest Donut Hole of All |Douglas Wilson