The Yarn in the Public Sweater

For the Christian political theorist, the integration point of all things is Jesus Christ Himself (Col. 1:18). Christ is the center, and must be the center. He cannot be the one before whom every knee bows and every tongue confesses, while at the same time being kept in the shadows. He is the integration point of all things, and cannot be the secret integration point. We must confess Christ, and we must do so in our collective capacity as a civil order. The Great Commission said to disciple all the nations, and this includes the Americans.

Liberty is not the center. Liberty is a political fruit that comes from honoring Christ, and cannot cause anything worthwhile to solidify or bond wherever He is not present. Whenever Christ is not honored, liberty is not liberty but rather licentiousness. No gathering of slaves to sin will ever be the vanguard of political and civil liberty. And whenever pot-smoking and porn-watching libertarians march, you can just hear the chains clanking. If that is the future of liberty, we are all going to political hell.

The Yarn in the Public Sweater |Douglas Wilson.