ISIS Threat in Easton, PA – Lack of Information?

Local law enforcement and the FBI are investigating an online threat of an ISIS attack in Easton, Pennsylvania, while some residents of the city are demanding to know why they were kept in the dark.

Authorities, led by the city mayor say those who needed to know were informed in real time while decisions to limit information were taken to prevent general panic.

The incident began on May 5 when one Jafar Saleem (Brendan) tweeted about “several pipe bombs, pressure cookers and nail bombs around the [Lafayette College] campus and plan(s) to inflict the utmost damage possible.”

Locals, such as  Laini Abraham, who runs a 14,000-member Easton page on Facebook, say more information should have been made available.

However, Mayor Sal Panto Jr. said staff and students were informed and told to find shelter. Residents of nearby areas were intentionally not informed of the threat, he said.

Local chat groups entered lengthy online discussions about the way the information flow was handled. The college not only has a campus but also buildings in the city. Locals were concerned that those living next to these campus extensions were left in the dark.

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