Hamas top dog: “This is not peaceful resistance. When we talk about peaceful resistance, we are deceiving the public”

l-Zahhar has, by making this statement, identified those who are deceiving the public as the New York Times, CNN, the BBC, and the rest of the establishment media.

Senior Hamas Official Mahmoud Al-Zahhar on Gaza Protests: This Is Not Peaceful Resistance, It Is Supported by Our Weapons,” MEMRI, May 13, 2018:

Senior Hamas Official Mahmoud Al-Zahhar said that Hamas was employing “peaceful resistance bolstered by a military force and by security agencies, and enjoying tremendous popular support.” Speaking on Al-Jazeera on May 13, Al-Zahhar, former foreign minister in the Hamas government, said that the option of armed struggle has not diminished. “On the contrary, it is growing and developing,” he said.

Al-Zahhar also says this about whether Hamas is offering peaceful resistance at the Gaza border now:

This is a clear terminological deception…When you have weapons that are being wielded by men who were able to prevent the strongest army in the region from entering the Gaza strip for 51 days and were able to capture or kill soldiers of that army, is this really “peaceful resistance?”

This is not peaceful resistance. Has the option (of armed struggle) diminished? No. On the contrary, it is growing and developing. That’s clear.

So when we talk about “peaceful resistance,” we are deceiving the public. This is peaceful resistance bolstered by a military force and by security agencies and enjoying tremendous popular support….

Source: Jihad Watch

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At least he is upfront.
Thank you for posting.