Cruelty! Palestinian Authority to Kids: Continue the Conflict

From glorifying martyrdom to incessant programming on state-controlled TV promoting children as combatants, the Palestinian Authority is one of the great child abusers in history.

Now, their latest video, which has appeared numerous times on TV in the last weeks, encourages children to continue the conflict. Instead of promoting a path to peace and a way to better their lives, the PA has rolled out propaganda aimed at children to remain “refugees.”

As documented by Palestinian Media Watch, the video features the hand of an elderly man passing keys symbolizing “the right of return” to the hand of a child. In the background are pictures of the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City, Judaism’s holiest site. “From generation to generation, there is no alternative to the return and Jerusalem,” reads the text.

The “right of return” is a code phrase for the destruction of Israel.

The video (see below) was rolled out for “Nakba (Catastrophe) Day,” marked by the Palestinian Authority every year the day after Israeli Independence Day (which this year coincided with the opening of the American embassy in Jerusalem). The video begins with a baby holding the aforementioned keys.

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