Afghanistan: 11 children dead as jihad suicide bomber detonates near rival mosque

How pleasant the West will be when these ancient hatreds are transplanted to new, prosperous and safe homes. [Suicide bombers are equal opportunity killers. Doesn’t matter while trying to kill “foreign” soldiers if eleven innocent children are blown up in the process. Actually it is a “plus” if the children happen to be children of a rival faction of Muslims. To Sunni bombers Shiite children are the enemy, and for Shiite bombers Sunni children are the enemy. Convenient right? – ed.]

“Eleven children dead in Afghan bombing,AAP, April 30, 2018:

Eleven children have been killed when a suicide bomber, believed to be from the Taliban, detonated his explosives near a mosque in southern Afghanistan, a police spokesman says.

Sixteen others, including civilians, policemen and Romanian soldiers were wounded in the attack on Monday in Daman district.

The bomber blew up his vehicle while a convoy of foreign troops was passing by, police said….