Cyprus: 20 Muslim migrants go to church, start screaming, cursing, and beating the attendees

A glimpse into the future of Europe, as well as that of North America, if the Left gets its way.

“Night of terror for Christians in Cyprus after attack of Muslim migrants,” Voice of Europe, April 7, 2018 (thanks to David):

Wednesday night, about 20 Muslim migrants attacked a Christian congregation outside St. Mary’s church during the holy liturgy in Leukosia, Greece’s Pronews reports.

Most of the Christians were inside the church when 20 Muslims suddenly arrived at the temple’s yard and began screaming, cursing, and beating the attendees.

According to statements given by locals at Sigma live news, one of the Muslims was waving an adze and tried to use it against members of the congregation. The Muslims disappeared after the police, called in by the terrorized believers, appeared on the scene….

Source: Jihad Watch