Iranian spies in Germany targeted Israel embassy and Jewish kindergartens

Suspected Iranian spies across Germany have been allegedly monitoring Israeli and Jewish targets, including the embassy, the local Jewish community and even kindergarten children.

This alarming news about Iranian spies is not a first, and it should be cause for concern as to how far Iran is willing to encroach upon Western societies, and for what exact purpose. This adds to the existing concerns that Western governments are infiltrated with Muslim Brotherhood operatives. Now we are also seeing Iranian’s proxies employing fifth column tactics to infiltrate the West. But these subjects are rarely addressed in the media.

Similar Iranian espionage was uncovered in 2012 in Canada. David Harris, former head of operations for the Canadian Intelligence Service and now a strategic intelligence expert, warned that Iran was expanding a “fifth column” in Canada. This warning was also articulated by many expatriates who explained about the threat of Iranian diplomats conspiring in Canada and the stealth workings of the Hezbollah jihad terrorist organization, and who provided evidence of Iranian infiltration in the school system.

Abolfazl Eslami, a former diplomat from Iran who worked as a counsellor at the Iranian embassy in Japan, while emphasizing Canada, also warned about Iran propagating its agenda globally through its embassies. Eslami indicates that such tactics are not new: Iran has  been manipulating Iranians in Canada and other countries for years.

Israel’s ambassador to Germany points out that “the time has come for the Germans and the Europeans to understand what is hidden behind the Iranian smile of recent months,” and rightly warns that “the affair should raise a red flag not only in Germany, but in all of Europe.” Add Canada to that, given the situation in Canada which eventually led to the shutting down of the Iranian embassy under the Conservative government.


Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security… has detained a government employee for allegedly spying on behalf of state-sponsor of terror Iran, a move that appears to confirm that the pro-Taliban Islamic Republic has been expanding its covert operations in the U.S.-backed nation.

“Iranian spies in Germany targeted Israel embassy, Jewish kindergartens — report”, The Times of Israel, January 17, 2018:

The German journalist who first reported raids by local security forces at the homes of suspected Iranian spies across Germany supplied new details Wednesday about the Israeli and Jewish targets allegedly monitored by the suspects.

Josef Hufelschulte, of the weekly German-language magazine FOCUS, told Israeli public broadcaster Kan that the suspected spies had been gathering information on the Israeli embassy in Berlin, as well as on targets related to the local Jewish community, including kindergartens.

The operatives were monitored by German intelligence services for two months before the raids were conducted, Hufelschulte said.

On Tuesday, German authorities said they were conducting searches across the country in connection with 10 suspected Iranian spies, with FOCUS magazine claiming that they were members of an elite military force that had been eyeing Israeli and Jewish targets.

The report said that arrest warrants for the suspects listed them as members of the al-Quds force, which is part of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and is considered a terrorist organization by the United States.

Later on Tuesday, Kan reported that the Israeli Mossad intelligence service had provided critical information that led to the raids. According to the report, the al-Quds Force had tried to recruit non-Iranian Shiites — primarily those with European citizenship — to establish a terror cell to carry out attacks throughout the continent.

But German prosecutors said authorities searched premises linked to the suspected Iranian spies following an extensive investigation by the country’s domestic intelligence agency.

Israel’s ambassador to Germany, Jeremy Issacharoff, told Kan that “the affair should raise a red flag not only in Germany, but in all of Europe.”

“The time has come for the Germans and the Europeans to understand what is hidden behind the Iranian smile of recent months,” the ambassador added…….

Source: Jihad Watch