Iran protests: Mullahs block access to social media as pro-freedom rallies continue

The Iranian authorities are genuinely afraid, which is all to the good. The thing is that this is a truly spontaneous popular uprising. There is as of yet no leader, or even a spokesman. So if the mullahs flee, what will follow? They should flee; I just hope a stable and peaceful government will emerge after that.

“Iran protests: Authorities blocks access to social media amid anti-government rallies,” by Ben Kentish, Independent, December 31, 2017:

Iranian authorities have temporarily blocked mobile access to Instagram and the messaging app Telegram to “maintain peace” amid anti-government protests, state TV reports.

At least Two people were killed in the country’s biggest protests since 2009. Many of the demonstrations have been started and promoted using Telegram.

Iran’s interior minister, Abdolreza Rahmani-Fazil, said authorities would respond to the “spreading of violence, fear, and terror”

Pavel Durov, Telegram’s Chief Executive, wrote on Twitter: “Iranian authorities are blocking access to Telegram for the majority of Iranians after our public refusal to shut down [one of the main channels] and other peacefully protesting channels.”…

Source: Jihad Watch