10 classic Christian books for your Kindle or Smart Phone that are free on Monergism

Many classics of ther Christian faith are out of the average person’s price range. We have made some of them available for free. 

iPhone, iPad Users: To open ePub in iPhone open the file with Safari, NOT YOUR FACEBOOK APP. You must tap the 3 vertical dots in the bottom right, which says Open in Safari then tap the epub link and then tap Open in iBooks in the top right. Hope this helps

Android Users: Open with Google Play Books (default on your device). Even if you usually use Kindle there may be an even simpler option for downloading eBooks on Monergism to your Android: tap on the ePub file on the Monergism download page as it will automatically open in Google Play Books, an app that comes default with your Android device. Seems to have most of the features of Kindle and it opens up right in your device without the extra steps…

Kindle Users: You can always upload .mobi files to your device with a USB cord to the folder called “documents” … but if you upload eBooks often, I would encourage you to
1) get the free app from Amazon called “send to Kindle” which will wirelessly upload the file to your Kindle device(s) in an instant. Or
2) you may also send them as an attachment to your email address which also sends it wirelessly to your Kindle.

1. Augustine, Confessions

2. Athanasius, On the Incarnation

3. Martin Luther, The Bondage of the Will

4. John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion

5. Martin Luther, 95 Theses

6. John Bunyan, The Pilgrim’s Progress

7. J.C. Ryle, Holiness

8. Jonathan Edwards, The Religious Affections

9. Stephen Charnock, The Existence and Attributes of God

10. John Owen, The Mortification of Sin in Believers

Bonus Books

A. W. Pink,  The Sovereignty of God

Richard Sibbes, The Bruised Reed


Source: Monergism