Make America work again: Cut freeloaders’ welfare benefits

With tax day upon us, I’d like to remind everyone who works hard, applies themselves, and becomes as resourceful as they can to make a living for their families that their tax dollars are being used as welfare payments to those who do not or will not work and to those who work only enough to game the system.

And for that we can thank the politicians who continuously grow welfare benefits in order to keep the welfare recipients voting them in every couple of years, so they can create more and more dependency that we have to pay for.

A week ago a good friend of mine stopped by for a visit and said that the company her husband worked for hired a couple of new guys a month ago. Both of the new guys quit after receiving their first checks because they were upset about losing their SNAP benefits.

What a country! If a couple of guys down the street from you broke into your home and stole money from you, it would be a crime. But luckily, we have putrid politicians who do it for them, and it’s all legal. Those fellas didn’t want to have to make their own money to buy food; they wanted you and me to buy them food. It’s enough to make you sick.

And don’t start the crocodile tears about how bad poverty is and how tough it is to live on minimum wage. Those of us who are the working class, who are the “forgotten man,” have been there. We got through. Sometimes you have to lower your standards. Sometimes you have to shop at Goodwill, and sometimes you can’t afford name brands — so what? If you don’t apply yourself at a job that is willing to hire you, then what good are you to the nation? Does anyone even get that those who will not work are draining not only our resources, but our strength?

It’s sickening that the government has created such a mass of people who believe it is normal to receive their income from the government without working for it. And on top of that, Obamacare worsened the situation for so many by cutting back the hours of those willing to work and throwing them upon the welfare rolls, too! Between the many who cannot work as much as they need to and the many who are opposed to working for their own food and the food they put into the mouths of their kids, it’s simply maddening.

At this point, the government has to cut way back on all of the welfare programs, or our country is gone.

The socialists like to say that conservatives are heartless for trying to cut welfare, but it’s the other way around.

Last year, the federal government paid out $67 billion in Earned Income Tax Credits, or EITC. This is the money you pay those who work but don’t make enough money, according to the government. Every year you give them some of your money that the federal government has confiscated from you under threat of jail and/or fines. Of that $67 billion, usually between 21 and 29 percent is paid out improperly. In the year 2015, $15.6 billion was sent out due to fraud or improper calculation. That is bad enough, but then places like the Brookings Institute actually produce policy papers urging the government to begin to pay out windfall payments of EITC in increments so as to keep the recipients in cash all year. It seems that if you give people a whole lot of money they didn’t earn in one big check, they blow it. I wonder if the Brookings Institute ever heard of savings accounts?

The United States labor participation rate is behind 30 other countries and stands at about 63 percent. President Trump can boast that he’s creating jobs, but the fact remains he needs to get a lot of welfare recipients off of the government dole and into a job somehow. You can’t promise someone a do-nothing job that will pay them as much as they are getting to sit around at home, but you can cut their bennies until they have to go out and find work. There is no other way.

And once again, whenever I write about welfare recipients, I have to add in the obligatory comment that of course everyone on welfare is not trying to scam the government, nor is everyone on welfare able to work. Duh. But there are enough of them who are scamming and who do game the system in order to get out of work that it really burns up those of us working and doing our best not to be a burden on others.

Another major problem with welfare right now is the massive amount of welfare fraud. Here’s one case that involved $37,000 in fraudulent benefits; here’s another that racked up $29,000; here’s a massive bust in Wisconsin at a liquor store; and here’s a really good reason illegal immigrants like America so much — our nation is one giant feeding trough.

The socialists like to say that conservatives are heartless for trying to cut welfare, but it’s the other way around. Socialists, in the form of progressives, democrats, communists, and liberals, create masses of people who are taught to never achieve and that their politicians will create a collective where they will be able to get what they need to survive. But that always keeps these people dependent upon others, never understanding independence and accomplishment. They create a sea of people who, even if they wanted to get out of their circumstances, find themselves unable to break free of the chains of underachievement and mediocrity — and it is a crime against humanity.

Today, on tax day, those of us who are in hard times and are burdened either believe we will someday get out of the fix we’re in with hard work or that someone will give us money for no reason. May a pox fall upon the politicians who get their clout from the latter.

Source: Make America work again: Cut freeloaders’ welfare benefits