In God We Trusted…yesterday

We came from all around the world, in search of liberty.
Searching for a land of promise, longing to be free.
Landing safe on virgin shores, our ships with scales encrusted,
Giving thanks seemed proper then, because in God we trusted.
We built a nation with His help; a nation full of honor,

His blessings, they were just poured out with love so strong upon her.
Because in God we trusted then, we suffered no defeat,
That declaration on our coins, it made our life complete.
Yet, God was taken from our schools, We found no room for Him.
For generations yet unborn, the Light was growing dim.
And far from God we soon discovered wages would be paid.
Rejection brings His judgment down, just like the Bible said.
Earthquakes, famine, then the sword, night always follows day.
Unrighteousness it’s own reward: the price we’ll always pay.
And yet do we repent our sins? Do we bemoan our wrong?
Of course not! Compromise and greed have blinded us too long!
In God we trusted…yesterday.
In God we trusted…But still we walked away.
Fall on your knees, America, and humbly start to pray:
“Oh Lord Have Mercy, heal our land and take our sins away!