An Open Challenge to Liberals: Answer These 3 Questions

Questions, that if answered honestly, will expose the folly of liberalism.

We painfully learned during the presidency of Barack Obama that ideology matters more than words. And now that the 2016 primary season is coming to a close I think it’s appropriate to start asking the remaining candidates questions about the ideology that guides their decision-making. Barack Obama said a lot of things as a candidate but when it mattered (i.e. executive amnesty, Obamacare, foreign policy) he disregarded what he said and took actions guided by his big –government-knows-best ideology.Here are three questions for liberal candidates I would like to see answered before the November elections.

  1. Do you believe in the rule of law? This is an important question because liberals tend to give conflicting answers to this question when it involves specific legislative actions. For example, ask many liberals about Obamacare and they’ll insist that “it’s the law of the land” and can’t be ignored, even though it has imposed devastating penalties on millions of Americans in the form of higher premiums and cancelled insurance plans. But ask liberals about current immigration laws, which are being openly violated by millions of illegal immigrants, and liberals will insist that “the immigration laws are broken,” insinuating that this is a permission slip for people who don’t like immigration laws to ignore them. Which is it though? You can’t be consistent and say that you believe in the rule of law if that belief means you only recommend following the laws that comport with your ideology.
  2. What is the safe limit for government debt? The modern liberal has completely abandoned any notion of fiscal responsibility through balanced government budgets. Even the idea of balancing the federal budget (an idea former President Bill Clinton spoke of often) has become heresy to the modern liberal. Despite our national debt closing in on an astounding 20 trillion dollars and our future liabilities doubling, tripling, or quintupling that amount depending on the estimates you use, liberals continue to whistle past the economic graveyard as if all of this red ink is somehow a net positive. Logically then, if liberal candidates really believe that government debt is a net positive for the economy they should be able to give us some idea of just how much debt they would like to accumulate. Is it 30 trillion? Fifty trillion? One hundred trillion? Seriously, what’s the debt “sweet spot” for liberals? Don’t you think we’re entitled to know? After all, we’re the ones paying the bills.
  3. What special knowledge do government bureaucrats have about the economy? The modern liberal candidate for public office has largely abandoned the idea that free markets create prosperity. The days of John F. Kennedy cutting income tax rates to spur growth and Bill Clinton declaring “the era of big government is over” are dead and buried. We are now living in a liberal political era marked by Barack Obama’s infamous statement “you didn’t build that.” Given this, I would like to hear from liberal candidates what special knowledge government bureaucrats have that enables them to manage the economy? Are they telling us with a straight face that over 300 million Americans are simply too stupid to make their own business decisions and that a federal government responsible for decades of unbalanced books, Obamacare, and bankrupted entitlements, is better equipped to become the largest investment portfolio manager (“investing” over 3 trillion in tax dollars every year) in the history of humanity?


    I suspect that many aspiring liberal politicians will do everything they can to avoid direct answers to any of these questions because answering them honestly will expose the folly of liberalism. If they answered the question “do you believe in the rule of law” honestly, they would have to respond, “No, I don’t believe in the rule of law” and the overwhelming majority of Americans would likely cringe in horror if they heard this. But

    This is what liberalism has become and hiding from it or dancing around it will not change the harsh reality of the broken ideology, which is currently leading the country off a cliff. You deserve to know the answers to these questions before casting your vote in the upcoming election, your children’s future depends on it.

    -Report by Dan Bongino – Conservative Review

Source: An Open Challenge to Liberals: Answer These 3 Questions