Islamic State Plotting to Attack Euros Soccer Games in France

Plans discovered on the computer of Paris attacker Saleh Abdeslam discussed targeting English and Russian soccer fans this summer in Marseilles.

An Islamic State plot to attack English and Russian soccer fans at the Euro 2016 tournament this summer has been uncovered.

The plans were found on the computer of Saleh Abdeslam, one of the Paris attackers, according to The Daily Mail. The attacks in Paris killed 130 people and left many more injured in coordinated attacks on the Bataclan Theater, outside the Stade de France, and four separate shooting attacks around the city.

The plans included pictures and mention of specific areas of Marseilles, the French city where the tournament will be held, where fans are going to be gathering. Suicide bombs, assault rifles and drones carrying chemical weapons were mentioned as possible techniques for carrying out a mass casualty attack on the games.

“We know that IS has the European Championship in its sights” the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence service said last week, before these specific plans were revealed.

The Islamic State has long incited its supporters abroad to carry out lone wolf attacks on civilians in the West and many attacks have been foiled by security services.

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Source: Islamic State Plotting to Attack Euros Soccer Games in France | Clarion Project