Woman Who Cut 7-Month Baby Out of Woman’s Womb Sentenced, No Charge for Killing Baby

Dynel Catrece Lane (above) was arrested after she attacked a pregnant woman and cut her seven-month-old unborn baby out of her womb.

In this unbelievable act of violence, the baby died but the mother, Michelle Wilkins (pictured below), survived. Today, Lane was sentenced to 100 years in prison for attacking Wilkins but was not charged with killing the baby.



 Wilkins was seven-months pregnant and was visiting Dynel Catrece Lane’s home to buy baby clothes advertised on Craigslist. She was beaten and stabbed before Lane cut her unborn baby from her abdomen. Left alone in the basement of the home, the victim was eventually able to call police, was rescued and rushed to the hospital for immediate surgery.

34-year-old Dynel Lane, later allegedly brought the deceased child to the hospital and claimed she’d had a miscarriage. She was arrested and booked into the Boulder County Jail.

Lane was sentenced Friday to 100 years in prison combined on six counts related to the attempted murder of Wilkins:

Boulder District Court Judge Maria Berkenkotter said the crime was brutal, shocking and cruel and ordered Dynel Lane, 35, to serve 100 years.

“People are hungry to hear from Ms. Lane,” the judge said. “Hungry to hear why you did this.”

Lane was convicted on Feb. 23. After seven hours of deliberation, a Boulder County jury convicted Lane of one count of attempted first-degree murder, four counts of assault and one count of unlawful termination of a pregnancy.

All six counts are felonies.

Before the judge announced Lane’s sentence, Michelle Wilkins and members of her family addressed the court.

Wilkins made her remarks sitting in the witness stand. Before she started, she set a poster-sized photo the daughter who died when Lane cut her out of the womb. Wilkins asked the judge for permission to address Lane directly. That request was granted, but the judge told Wilkins she needed to look at the judge while speaking.

“Up until this moment you have refused to acknowledge us, the victims of your violent actions,” Wilkins said. “It’s clear that you need healing and I hope that you get it.”

Mark Wilkins, Michelle’s father, said the attack and death of baby Aurora has caused severe and permanent damage.

“This event has shattered our lives,” Wilkins said. “Some things just cannot be fixed.”

Defense attorneys said Lane will appeal her conviction and said they advised her to not participate in the presentence investigation.


Source: Woman Who Cut 7-Month Baby Out of Woman’s Womb Sentenced, No Charge for Killing Baby | LifeNews.com