Australia to cancel citizenships of up to 110 Muslims who’ve joined the Islamic State

Common sense. All Western states should do this. Those Muslims from the West who go to fight with the Islamic State have declared war on their home countries. They are not citizens of them; they are citizens of the umma. All Western states should do this, but few if any will follow Australia’s lead.

“Citizenships of up to 110 Aussies fighting with IS to be canceled: gov’t,” Xinhua, April 8, 2016 (thanks to Lookmann):

CANBERRA, April 8 (Xinhua) — More than 100 Australians fighting in the Middle East with Islamic State (IS) could be the first to have their passports cancelled under laws passed by the government last year.

Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton confirmed on Friday that a “Citizenship Loss Board” had determined that 110 Australians were currently fighting in the Middle East, and they would have their citizenships revoked if proven to have joined the terrorist outfit.

Dutton said each case would be handled individually and “carefully” with the individuals who pose the most risk to Australian citizens to be stripped first.

“This means there could potentially be more than 100 individuals who may be captured by the provisions introduced last year,” Dutton told News Corp on Friday.

“I have asked the Citizenship Loss Board to prioritize a number of submissions based on known individuals who may present a particular risk to the Australian community.”

News Corp reported the government could be cancelling the passports and citizenship of the jihadis within the next three months.

Last year, measures were introduced by the government, which said any dual national Australian citizen who traveled to terror hotspots and was found to be supporting terrorist groups would have their Australian citizenship revoked….

Source: Australia to cancel citizenships of up to 110 Muslims who’ve joined the Islamic State