"The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions."

The law of unintended consequences has come home to roost.

America is on its way to hell in more ways than one. Financial hell is on the horizon as the National Debt skyrockets.  As we pass $19 Trillion on the debt clock, Congress keeps it’s collective heads buried in the sand.

Have you ever been in trouble with your household finances? The first rule, of course, is to keep your spending level smaller than your income level. When we spend too much and have to start making up the shortfall by using credit cards, we have started on a downward slope whose end is sure to be painful. Even more disastrous is the homeowner who stops paying money on the Principle and starts making Interest payments only. This way lies ruin. Anyone with common sense can see that.

Congress, however, seems oblivious to common financial sense. No budget in the last thirty years has EVER done any more than just pay interest on the National Debt; while continually adding more to the Principle. An individual can ask for an increase on his credit card limit, but a responsible lender will eventually say NO MORE when it becomes obvious that his ability to pay is in question. Why should Congress ask the lender for a credit line increase, when they can give it to themselves, even when it makes no sense?

Look at the National Debt Clock: More than $19 Trillion in National Debt. (If you include interest added?: $64.5 Trillion )Unfunded liabilities? This includes Social Security payments, Medicare Parts A, B and D, Federal Debt held by the public, plus Federal Employee and Veterans benefits: More than $101 TRILLION.  Our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Only: $18 Trillion 

Unless we get a firm grasp on spending to the point we actually have a BUDGET SURPLUS instead of a BUDGET DEFICIT, we have no hope of digging our way out of the hole we have gotten in. With a BUDGET SURPLUS we would at least have a CHANCE to start paying on the principle instead of only paying interest. Any small business owner can see the handwriting on the wall. BANKRUPTCY DEAD AHEAD!

Liberals will explain that we have no choice but to stay on the path we are on, because to do otherwise is simply unthinkable. People will starve! People will die without medical attention! People will stop voting for us!  Bernie Sanders’ solution to helping the average American is to INCREASE our spending to benefit more people. So don’t put on the brakes. STEP ON THE GAS!

This financial locomotive is heading for a canyon whose bridge is out, and Bernie says “Shovel more coal into the furnace boys!” Right… that makes sense…we will just fly across that canyon and land safely on the other side.  Sure we will.