A Letter To Conservatives Who Support Trump

Is it time to dump The Donald?

The man who rants and raves against God is in better shape than the man having no words with Him at all. For at least there is still a conversation happening, which means there’s at least the bedrock of belief still there to be built upon another day. I pray this is the case with the conservative followers of Donald Trump. Now, let’s replace God in the above scenario with the GOP establishment, or business as usual, or whatever phrase-ology you think best sums up the current dismal state of our national political reality. Yes, it has long been worthy of being on the receiving end of a righteous fist. And yes, on many days I have been with you in your belief that it might just be best to burn it all down. But those aren’t my best days, and they need not be your best days either. There is another, better way.

That is because running even deeper than your anger or your frustration is the idea that, just like Donald says, this is supposed to be a great country. You believe that America’s place in the world is not simply one among many, but as the standard bearer for all that is good and true in the world. You believe following the Constitution is paramount to surviving and thriving as a people. You believe in the importance of a diligent and informed citizenry that will always serve as the ultimate check and balance on government usurpation. And you believe, as Barry Goldwater once said, that “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

But after Thursday night’s debate, you must know it is time to check your math concerning Trump’s ability to carry those flags in any lasting or meaningful way. Beyond the competency and charisma, Trump revealed himself to be a boy who can shave. A 70-year-old reality TV narcissist who is a serial liar, rejects God’s forgiveness, and still feels compelled in his old age to talk about a certain body part. All that baggage would never serve to keep Trump true to you and your best hopes if he ever reached the White House. Just ask all those who never got the degree they paid for from Trump University. That baggage is also the baseline for Trump’s skyrocketing negatives (already minus-30 with women, minus-64 with Hispanics). Inevitably, Trump’s baggage would allow an equally broken vessel named Hillary Clinton to somehow look blameless by comparison during the general election, thus handing her the White House to wreak havoc on our liberties for what would amount to Obama’s third term of the Cloward-Piven plan.

Don’t let this generation blow what could be its last chance to elect someone capable of making the intellectual case for American Exceptionalism and Constitutional integrity.

Trump’s true fate has been masked for long enough. He is the Kobayashi Maru. He is the no-win scenario. People will believe in such things, though, when they have been left to wander in a political and cultural desert for years on end without solid food or drink. I am no exception. It is a constant battle to stay focused on what is important and how to get there. I, too, have strayed in my thinking from time to time. I share your frustration. I share your rage. With that said, I now ask my conservative friends who have put their faith in Trump until this point to come back home and enjoy some solid food courtesy of Ted Cruz.

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Source: A Letter To Conservatives Who Support Trump