Hillary Going to White House or Big House?

Hillary has left herself open to serious legal peril.

From Conservative Review:

It just keeps getting worse every day for Hillary.

Her campaign was supposed to be a cake walk.  Vice President Joe Biden did not run. Nor did any other Democrats of note decide to challenge her for the Democratic nomination for president.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) threw his hat in the ring to run a long shot messaging campaign on his “Democratic Socialism” ideas. And, because Hillary is so unpopular and running a horrible campaign, the messaging campaign to “Feel the Bern” has taken off and Democrats are seeing him as a viable alternative.

And she is struggling with some serious legal problems that might divert her from the White House to the Big House.

One of Hillary’s biggest problems is that the American people don’t trust the Clintons.  They remember President Bill Clinton lying under oath.  Now comes Hillary’s email scandal from her time as Secretary of State placing her under an expanding ethical cloud that has the FBI sniffing around.

According to the Washington Post:

The FBI is now trying to determine whether a crime was committed in the handling of that classified material. It is also examining whether the server was hacked. One hundred forty-seven FBI agents have been deployed to run down leads, according to a lawmaker briefed by FBI Director James B. Comey.

The FBI has accelerated the investigation because officials want to avoid the possibility of announcing any action too close to the election.

You read that right – the Federal Bureau of Investigation has dedicated 147 agents to this investigation.  The FBI is doing their best to get to the bottom of this scandal.

Clinton was warned her server was not secure, yet she didn’t even take remedial measures to make sure her communications were protected.

Let’s be serious though.  There is no way that the Obama administration’s Justice Department is going to indict Hillary Clinton.  We all know that President Obama would not sabotage the Democratic Party’s chances to retain the White House by indicting his former Secretary of State for illegal activities she conducted while in the Obama cabinet.

The FBI may recommend action by the Justice Department, but the hyper politicized Justice Department would never, ever indict Hillary over this scandal.  Even if they did, President Obama would spike any legal action. Does not matter if Hillary is guilty – it ain’t happening.  Not under President Obama’s watch.

Maybe Hillary knew that beforehand, because she operated with such recklessness, that it seems like she didn’t care if she was or was not complying with the law.

Robert O’Harrow, Jr. of the Washington Post reported on March 27, 2016 that a series of events point to a situation in which Hillary was much more intent on keeping her personal unsecured BlackBerry than on disclosing classified information, the preservation of government records and the security of her communications.

Hillary thought she was above the law and did not need to comply with the same laws that applied to every other employee of the State Department.  For the Clintons, the normal rules just don’t apply.

More from the Washington Post: story describing her unsecured home brew server:

The server was nothing remarkable, the kind of system often used by small businesses, according to people familiar with its configuration at the end of her tenure. It consisted of two off-the-shelf server computers. Both were equipped with antivirus software. They were linked by cable to a local Internet service provider. A firewall was used as protection against hackers.

Few could have known it, but the email system operated in those first two months without the standard encryption generally used on the Internet to protect communication, according to an independent analysis that Venafi Inc., a cybersecurity firm that specializes in the encryption process, took upon itself to publish on its website after the scandal broke.

Not until March 29, 2009 — two months after Clinton began using it — did the server receive a “digital certificate” that protected communication over the Internet through encryption, according to Venafi’s analysis.

This is shocking. Clinton should be disqualified for the highest office in the land for gross incompetence.  Clinton’s server was less secure than the average home computer, because it didn’t even use standard encrypted communications.

The Hillary partisans will retort that former President George W. Bush’s Secretary of State also used private email for official purposes and his communications were not secure. The Washington Post puts that lame talking point into perspective about the volume of classified emails from and to Hillary.

Others involved classified matters. State Department and Intelligence Community officials have determined that 2,093 email chains contained classified information. Most of the classified emails have been labeled as “confidential,” the lowest level of classification. Clinton herself authored 104 emails that contained classified material, a Post analysis later found.

The Post reported that Clinton had no official email at all, where Powell had a secure server for his official classified emails.  Powell was the recipient of two emails that hit the threshold of classified or secret, yet the report indicates that Hillary authored over 100 that violate the law.

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Source: Hillary Going to White House or Big House?