America’s Committing Suicide & Won’t Save the World

Since 1776, there was a great nation that one could rely on to stem global disorder. Now that great nation, under leftist rule, is itself in decay.

I cannot imagine any thinking person who does not believe the world is getting worse. The number of slaughtered and the number of refugees from slaughter is immense and growing.

The Islamic State now controls territories from Afghanistan to West Africa. Libya is in the process of being added to that list. And other sadistic Islamist movements hold additional territory. According to Pew Research, approximately 10 percent of world Muslims support the Islamic State and terror against civilians. That’s more than 100 million people. The Iranian regime has just increased the reward it will give to anyone who murders Indian novelist Salman Rushdie. It is increasing its repression at home and now has more than $100 billion in additional cash to spend on terror, while it regularly calls for the annihilation of Israel. Iran just received from Russia the most powerful anti-aircraft weapons that exist outside the United States, making a successful air attack on Iran almost impossible.

Europe is allowing in another million migrants from the Middle East, few of whom share Europe’s primary moral values. One consequence is that European women are being sexually attacked in increasing numbers. Another is that European countries are making criticism of Muslims or Islam — no matter how rational the critique — a crime punishable by jail or fines, or both. The only thing stopping regular mass murder of Europeans and Americans is increased European and American police work. And no one believes that this will suffice to prevent future attacks.

Russia is led by a KGB man who seeks to replace American influence with Russian influence wherever possible. And he is allowed to do so by the American president and the Democratic party. While Russia continues to attempt, in Charles Krauthammer’s words, “to fracture and subordinate” Ukraine, the United States under Obama refuses to send Ukraine weapons.

The United States is led by a president whose primary foe seems to be the prime minister of Israel, even though the prime minister’s country happens to be the freest, most moral, and most pro-American country in the Middle East.

The commander of the U.S. Pacific Command recently told Congress “that China is clearly militarizing the South China Sea” in order to gain “hegemony in East Asia.” Cuba now has American recognition and as a direct result has felt free to increase its subjugation of the Cuban people. In January, the Cuban regime arrested 1,414 political dissidents, the second-most ever recorded. It will be rewarded by a visit from President Obama.

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Source: America’s Committing Suicide & Won’t Save the World