George Soros Spending Over $21 Million to Replace Scalia With a Liberal Abortion Activist 


In the wake of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s unfortunate death, several liberal groups — including the media favorite, People for the American Way — are pushing the Obama Administration to quickly nominate a like-minded justice. And the groups all have something in common.


Combined, Soros and the Ford Foundation (not connected to Ford Motor Company) gave at least $50 million, and possibly more, to organizations which hope to push the court further to the left through an Obama appointee.

Liberal media are pushing the same agenda by criticizing the GOP for wanting to delay a nomination. CBS and NBC blasted ‘the Republican roadblock” that they claimed was an attempt to not “follow the Constitution” on Feb. 16. NBC  also gushed that Democrats were “firing back” to support the “ironclad” Constitution.

On Feb. 17, 2016, The New York Times identified six of the liberal organizations behind the push to get an Obama nominee quickly confirmed. Nearly all of the groups, which ranged from People for the American Way to the League of Conservation Voters, have one donor in common: liberal billionaire George Soros (The sixth organization — Americans United for Change — does not disclose its donors). The Ford Foundation has given to at least three of those organizations as well.

Since 2003, Soros gave $18,032,900 to People for the American Way, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and Alliance for Justice. The Ford Foundation gave an additional $28,907,564 to those same groups during the same time period.

Soros donated an additional $3,500,000 to the liberal American Bridge 21st Century and League of Conservation Voters PACs, which are also pushing for a speedy Obama nomination.

Not only do the groups have overlapping donors, their carefully crafted justice nomination rhetoric was also eerily similar.

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