In the next three weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court will be wrapping up its 2014-2015 term. By the end of this month, the Court will hand down opinions in the most anticipated cases of the year. Here are seven cases to watch for in the coming weeks:

  • Reed v. Town of Gilbert: The Town of Gilbert, Ariz., regulates when, where and how many signs may be displayed around town. The Good News Community Church used signs to invite people to its services. Because its signs fall under the “qualifying event” category, the church was only permitted to put up six square feet signs a mere 12 hours before their Sunday morning services (late Saturday night when they are hard to see). By comparison, real estate signs may be 80 square feet and on display for 30 days; and political signs may be 32 square feet and on display for four and a half months before an election. The church challenged the town’s sign code as an impermissible content-based restriction on speech in violation of the First Amendment. The Supreme Court will decide whether the town’s claim that the ordinance lacks a discriminatory motive is enough to justify its differential treatment of religious signs.