The Fallout of Failed Marriages

John MacArthur:

What constitutes a family?

You’re certainly aware of the debate raging in our society over how to answer that question. The postmodern mindset that dominates the secular world can accept almost any definition, as long as it’s not exclusive.

Even in the church, professing believers are shifting away from the biblical models for marriage and family and embracing the indiscriminant openness of the world. Many others attempt to appease all sides through aggressive ambiguity. But that’s what happens when you prize relevance over truth, and treat the Bible as nothing more than a 2,000 year-old book.

How can God’s people defend the truth from such pervasive error? Plenty have tried to employ political and legal means to defend traditional marriage. But the sad truth is that the church’s supposed moral authority in those efforts is frequently undercut by its hypocrisy. Divorce, infidelity, and all kinds of sexual sin pervade the church, contradicting God’s Word and corrupting the testimony of His people.

The best way to defend and uphold God’s design for marriage and family is not through political or legal action—it’s through the living testimony of a faithful, righteous adherence to God’s design. The watching world needs to see the necessity of God’s design lived out in our daily lives.

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