Texas AG: Courts Will Side With States in Immigration Fight

As a federal appeals court considers whether to keep or rescind a hold on Obama’s immigration program, the attorney general of the state leading the charge against the president’s executive actions “is very confident” the plaintiffs will win out.

“All I can tell you is, based on the law, I feel very confident,” said Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in an interview with The Daily Signal. “I am very confident we are right on the law. And if the law matters, we will do very well.”

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit is scheduled to hear oral arguments on April 17 about whether to uphold or remove an injunction on Obama’s 2014 immigration actions.

Judge Andrew S. Hanen of Federal District Court in Brownsville, Texas put a hold on those actions on Feb. 16, preventing the immigration initiatives from going into effect.

This week, Hanen denied the federal government’s request to allow Obama’s immigration actions to proceed, saying that doing so would cause irreparable harm.

Texas AG: Courts Will Side With States in Immigration Fight.