Outlawing Psychotherapy For Trans-Kids Will Not Prevent Suicides

Walt Heyer:

The White House is backing a move to end some psychotherapies for transgender children. This is risky and could lead to more suicides.

Psychologically healthy people do not commit suicide. Changing genders is an outward expression of some form of depression that started long before the suicide.

Studies have shown conclusively that suicide is the result of mental illness and untreated depression, but the elite who push for gender change ignore the evidence. Gender-change advocates blame lack of support from parents and society for the suicides of transgender people. Advocates blame bullying, discrimination, and inequality in society—anything but mental illness or depression.

In the 1970s, Dr. Charles Ihlenfeld administered hormone therapy to hundreds of transgenders over six years in his practice as an internist and colleague of Dr. Harry Benjamin. His conclusion? He saw too much unhappiness and too many suicides. Not much has changed since the 1970s. Hormone therapy is still administered to transgenders. Suicide still occurs with far too much frequency, and 41 percent of transgenders attempt suicide. Affirming the false belief that changing genders is a cure for depression has not changed the outcome.

According to those who study suicide, “Over 90 percent of people who die by suicide have a mental illness at the time of their death. Untreated depression is the number one cause for suicide.”

When transgenders realize sometime later—after a few months, a few years or, in some cases, a few decades—that gender change didn’t resolve their unhappiness, discouragement and depression follow. They experience first-hand that no amount of surgical manipulation of body parts, cross-gender behaviors, or cosmetic changes to appearance will ever medically change a person from one gender to the other.

Gender Does Not Change

I know; I lived the “transgender life” for eight years. I followed all the prescribed steps to change my gender and I was surrounded by affirming friends. I totally invested myself physically, psychologically, financially, and emotionally into the promise of a future free from gender dysphoria. But I was also one of those 41 percent who attempted suicide out of despair.


Outlawing Psychotherapy For Trans-Kids Will Not Prevent Suicides.