NightWatch – KGS *****

If you have not yet come across NightWatch newsletter and have an interest in finding a serious analysis of international threats to American security this is for you. I have been a subscriber for more than a year, and have found NightWatch to be dependable, level-headed and easy to read. Click on Subscribe (in the left hand column) today. Prior to today the newsletter has been free.  Because of the enormous popularity and ongoing expense of maintenance the decision has been made to charge a nominal subscription fee.  You can choose annual at $24.99 or monthly at $3.49.

This is a bargain for a DAILY newsletter. Sign up TODAY!

(I have not been rewarded in any way for promoting NightWatch. They don’t even know I am doing it!)

NightWatch is an internationally acclaimed nightly newsletter that tracks and assesses threats to US national security. It has an edgy, executive style unlike any other product of its kind.

KGS now offers NightWatch and a suite of related analytical products exclusively. The NightWatch archive on KGS includes editions not available anywhere else. It is fully indexed and searchable.

NightWatch – KGS.