American’s Love Affair with Traditional AM/FM Car Radio

My wife loves this story.

It was a perfect opportunity to see my beloved LSU Tigers play basketball. It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2005, and they were playing at West Virginia. It would be an easy ticket, I told Mrs. M. Students gone for the holidays. Non-conference game between unranked teams. West Virginia had never sold out a November non-conference home game. As in never … ever.

But then some strange things began to happen. I tried to order tickets online, but couldn’t – even though all other games were available. Then, the starting time changed from 3 p.m. to 4:44 p.m. Who starts a game at 4:44?

Undeterred, we headed to Morgantown only to find out this game was indeed quite a big deal on the WVU campus. Jerry West, the greatest Mountaineer and one of the greatest Los Angeles Lakers ever, the man known as The Logo because the NBA logo is a silhouette of him demonstrating perfect form, was being inducted into the WVU Hall of Fame. No.44 (thus the weird start time) was, in fact, its first inductee.

No wonder no tickets were available online. Scalpers wanted $150 per seat.

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