The Dangers of Pet Sins

All of us tend to put sins into categories. Sins like murder, adultery, theft, and violence we put in the “atrocious” category. We are a bit afraid of them because like a pride of lions, they will tear us apart, ruin our life, and possibly even kill us.  

Next we have anger, slander, cursing, and lying. We wag our finger at them and say they are bad.  While we know they can do damage we find ourselves indulging in them from time to time anyway.

Then we have sins like gluttony, improper joking, procrastination, impatience and wasting time and money, as well as sins of the mind like envy, lust and mean thoughts. We are not afraid of these sins. They seem to be no trouble. As a matter of fact, we often keep these sins as pets.  

Pet sins are those sins we believe we have domesticated. We view them as small and insignificant. We don’t fight against them, we feed them, and in some ways they make us feel good. But there is no such things as domesticated sin. All sin, even our “pet sins” are dangerous.

The Dangers of Pet Sins — Adorned.