Perry: Next President Shouldn't Be Bound By Iran Deal Without Congressional Approval

THE WEEKLY STANDARD has obtained a video likely GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry is about to release on Iran. In his statement, Perry blasts the Obama administration for “desperately pursuing a nuclear agreement with Iran,” and criticizes the concessions the administration has made in some detail. Perry goes on to lay out two “non-negotiable” principles: “one, Iran will not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons, period…and two, the United States will not normalize relations with Iran until Iran ceases to support terrorist groups that target the United States and our allies.”

But the real news in the video comes at the end: “If President Obama signs an agreement that the Congress cannot support, our next president should not be bound by it. An arms control agreement that excludes our Congress, damages our security, and endangers our allies has to be reconsidered by any future president. We must not allow the incompetence of one administration to damage our country’s security for years and decades to come.”

In other words, a Perry administration wouldn’t necessarily feel constrained by an Obama administration agreement that Congress hadn’t approved. This is a significant marker for a Republican presidential candidate to lay down. Perry has done so. Will the other GOP candidates agree?

Perry: Next President Shouldn’t Be Bound By Iran Deal Without Congressional Approval | The Weekly Standard.