Are Police Officers A Threat Or A Blessing?


Back in the 70’s David Crosby, sang in “Almost Cut My Hair”:

It increases my paranoia
Like lookin’ at my mirror and seein’ a police car

In college, I’d often have marijuana in my pocket. If I saw a policeman, I’d be scared. What if he stops me? Do I look like I’m stoned? Like David Crosby, when I’d look in my mirror and see a police car, I’d be paranoid. And like many 70’s college students I called police, “Pigs.” I had little regard for the police then.

Sadly, recent instances of police brutality have made many lose sight of how the Bible tells us we should regard those who enforce the law. Many would be surprised to know that the Bible says we should view them as God’s servants. What? That politician who lies? That man who passed the tax that broke my business? That policeman who gave me the ticket when I was barely speeding?

Are Police Officers A Threat Or A Blessing? | The Blazing Center.