15 Proverbs for Social Media Users

Barnabus Piper:

Social media is a wonderful resource, an outlet for wit and wisdom, a means to connect with people one would never have met otherwise. It is a means to get news and share information wider and faster than ever before. I even got my current job through social media connections!

It is also where common sense and decency go to die. The same means that help me connect with new friends in South Africa and read real time updates of happenings in Ferguson, MO enable thoughtless people to spew hatred, lunacy, and general stupidity just as far just as fast.

How can we be sure we are using it in a wise and helpful way? Wisdom from God’s word is a good start, and no book has more practical wisdom than Proverbs. One of the miraculous aspects to scripture is how something written on papyrus in the middle east 3,000 years ago applies to you on your iPhone in middle America today. Here are 15 proverbs with direct application for how we should use social media.

15 Proverbs for Social Media Users | The Blazing Center.