Who Ya Gonna Believe? Us or Your Own Severed Head?

For strange psychological reasons that archaeologists who sift through the rubble of our civilization will long ponder, the biggest story of our time cannot be reported honestly.

For example, the Islamic State’s rapidly growing Libyan branch office has just held a mass execution of 21 men. The Government of the United States deplored it thus:

Statement by the Press Secretary on the Murder of Egyptian Citizens

“Egyptian citizens”? They didn’t die because of their passports; they died because they were Coptic Christians – or, as their executioners put it, “followers of the cross”.

Why would the White House so dishonor the dead? As I wrote a week ago, the Administration’s lies about the perpetrators necessitate lies about their victims:

Lies beget lies. The Obama Administration insists that the Islamic State is not Islamic, Islamic terrorism is nothing to do with Islam, there’s no Islam to see here, no way, no how. You can’t hold the line at one lie, and tell the truth on everything else. The lie on Islam infects everything else. If they’re just “violent extremists” in general, they have to be violent and extremist in general – or “randomly”, as the President would say.

Because the United States Government will not tell the truth about the Islamic motivation of the killers, it cannot tell the truth about the victims – whether Jews in France, or Copts in Libya, or Anglicans in Nigeria.

Who Ya Gonna Believe? Us or Your Own Severed Head? : SteynOnline.