It’s Not Just Black & White

The Singerl twins are a vivid reminder that we are all members of one race.


I was taking questions on a live Christian radio talk show and had just answered one about the origin of the supposed human races. I listened as the host patched in the next caller, who blurted out: “I’ll believe we are all one race when you can show me two black people having a white baby and two white people having a black baby.”

I replied, “I can show you pictures of what are called ‘black and white twins’—one twin is very dark and the other very light.” (You can’t show pictures on radio, unfortunately, so all I could do was to describe the picture to the caller.)

“There is no way those two babies had the same father,” the caller responded. “That is impossible. White people and black people do not belong to the same race.”

It’s Not Just Black & White | Answers in Genesis.