Cloacina, Goddess of Sewers

So here’s what happened. 50 Shades of Grey went on the NYT bestseller list. For those just joining us, 50 Shades presents a demented view of sexuality, of the women-are-idiots school of thought. Jared Wilson of The Gospel Coalition posted an excerpt from my book Fidelity that he thought helped explain why people go in for this kind of stuff (like him, I think the explanation fits). The comments on that post went nuts, and Jared finally closed them down. Jared has a follow-up post on the ruckus as well. In the meantime, Rachel Held Evans has posted on it here, and I hear (but have not confirmed) that the religion editor of the Washington Post tweeted about it. Scot McKnight has called on The Gospel Coalition to take the post down here. And my daughter Bekah has offered her opinions of this particular movie by throwing her popcorn over here.

And why? Well . . . follow me closely here . . . it was because I am opposed to the degradation of women as represented in the 50 Shades phenomenon, and have been consistently opposed to that kind of thing throughout the course of my entire ministry. Examples would be tedious to multiply, but I am supplying some samples at the bottom of this post for anyone interested in facts. If literature encouraging the abuse of women were the drug, Twilight was like pot, and 50 Shades is the crack cocaine. I wrote an extensive review of Twilight, warning that it was a training manual on how to become an abused woman. And here we are, right on schedule, at the next stop. You see, a train has to run on the tracks the train is actually on. But in this situation, about the only thing the soft evangelical middle can do is attack those who attack the abusers. Sorry, but I am not about to cede the high ground on this one.

Cloacina, Goddess of Sewers |Douglas Wilson.