Bruce Jenner Puts The Brakes On His Transition But Not His SUV

Former Olympian Bruce Jenner has decided he will pause his transition to female in the wake of a devastating car crash.

When I recently wrote about Bruce Jenner I had no idea that only one day later the former Olympian would be in a real-life crisis, in the midst of a multi-vehicle chain-reaction crash on the busy Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California. The video footage of the scene showed Jenner visibly shaken and emotionally stressed, standing in the middle of all the wreckage. Jenner had been driving the car which rear-ended another car, pushing it into oncoming traffic where it was then hit head-on. The driver of that vehicle died.

Walt Heyer:

In the blink of an eye there was death, injuries, and lives forever changed. Nothing could be more devastating for Jenner than knowing someone had died in this crash. Jenner isn’t alone in his grief; the victim’s family is struggling with the loss of a loved one. There is no measure for the depth of the pain this accident has caused. Everyone in each family was injured emotionally even if they were not present at the time. As I look at the pictures of Jenner standing in the street next to the wreckage, I thought how symbolic a picture it is of his life today—the torn wreckage of his marriage and family life, a new female persona painfully and slowly emerging.

Jenner could be facing charges for vehicular manslaughter, and while commencing a gender transition it was too much. Due to the psychological impact of this accident, Jenner came to a crossroad and placed his very public gender transition on hold. Real life has bumped Jenner’s transition to the sidelines because the accident took the life of a 69-year-old woman.

Switching Genders Is Complicated Even During Peaceful Times

As a former transgender, I know the difficulty of changing genders even when everything in life is running relatively smoothly. During my transition over 30 years ago, I was emotionally fragile. I swung between anxiety and great anticipation about my future, anxiety over the unknown, and anticipation of finally living free of the intense gender distress that drove me to change genders.

Bruce Jenner Puts The Brakes On His Transition But Not His SUV.