7 things to expect post-Supremes’ marriage ruling

The unthinkable may be near at hand: homosexuality as a “civil right.” It’s a complete lie, but the signs point to the U.S. Supreme Court granting constitutional-rights status to same-sex “marriage,” and if that happens, homosexual behavior is likely then to become a civil right under U.S. law.

Will our elected representatives prevent this next step from taking place?

Here’s how this may occur. Assuming the states’ rights instructions of the Constitution don’t stop the liberal majority on the high court, and they move on to the equal protection question, their thinking is likely to go like this: that the “person” being equally protected under the law in the 14th Amendment can encompass homosexual behavior.

In other words, they will have accepted something that is historically, scientifically and spiritually invalid: that there is a fixed homosexual identity, inborn for some humans, that it is neutral in impact, and so, sin is acceptable and intrinsic for some people. A constitutional right to behavioral preference opens a can of worms that won’t end at the endorsement of homosexuality.

7 things to expect post-Supremes’ marriage ruling.