Biblically Evaluating “The Shack Up” – Part 1

Lyndon Unger:

“The Shack Up”?  Is that the sequel to “The Shack”?
Not quite.

I’m talking about the idea of cohabitation before marriage.

I’m talking about “moving in” with your boyfriend/girlfriend before you actually get married. I’m talking about “try before you buy”.

Now, I’m not writing for non-Christians here (as if too many will end up here or care what I say), but rather those people who profess Christ and still think that “moving in together” is a legitimate option for professing Christians.  I’m addressing those men and women who attend a church and would call themselves “Christians”.  I’m addressing people out there who at least claim to believe the Bible and follow Christ.

Biblically Evaluating “The Shack Up” – Part 1 | Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely….