All Your Wombs Are Belong To Us

 The Left is not content at its current colonization of women’s wombs. It wants to victimize us more, and earlier. IUDs for everyone!

The supposed new medical consensus on birth control sounds so rational. Implanting young women with long-term birth control from the get-go will reduce abortions, welfare costs, the number of children growing up without fathers, and barriers to female choices. The Atlantic and others are touting this as the new “birth control shift,” the new right way to handle America’s astronomical unwed motherhood rate.

The population managers appear to have met again, and decided on a new strategy for running everyone else’s sex lives. Remember how the Left calls behavior like that colonialism as long as white males are doing it? Weird, because men are still the OB-GYN majority (although apparently not for long), and they’re the ones making this judgment call and who will reap the financial benefits of having made it.

All Your Wombs Are Belong To Us.