Downtown Abyss: The Location of Hell

You get the distinct impression that Clint Archer’s Downtown Abyss is quite different from Downton Abbey. Clint is working on a book about, of all places, Hell. This is a topic that holds fascination for most of us, but it is a rather morbid fascination much like the almost overpowering impulse to slow down and gawk at a roadside accident on the freeway. We want to see what happened but prepare ourselves for the possibility that an all too grisly reality is about to intrude on our domesticated existence. You may be aware that Jesus Himself spent an inordinate amount of time in His sermons on the topic of Hell; what it was most like, a fiery furnace,( Matt 13:41-42 ),  an environment without adequate climate-conrol, (Luke 16:24), and the place of the damned beside Satan and his angels.(Rev 20:14-15) In other words, you might want a peek at it, but the peek Jesus gives is more than enough to convince you that you really don’t want to live there. Click below for a fascinating read:


Downtown Abyss: The Location of Hell | the Cripplegate.