Confessions of a Former Charismatic

I am a former charismatic. I spent 10-15 years attending Assembly of God churches and several non-denom charismatic churches. Eventually my eyes were opened to the truth. From 1987 to 1995 I was a Christian concert promoter for one of the largest CCM stations in the country. Because of this I became acquainted with quite a few union stagehands, light and sound technicians and so forth because most of the events were staged at city owned arenas and music halls that required we use a predominance of union crew for the show. Several of these guys became friends. At one major arena show, on of the LD guys (light designer) told me about the Benny Hinn crusade he had worked the night before. If you’ve ever seen Benny at work on TV productions from his crusades you know he likes to stand on the stage and wave his hand broadly across the crowd blessing them with the power of the Holy Spirit. As his hand would move across the crowd you would see people visible startled and fall back into their seats as if hit by a wave of “something”.  If you’ve ever been on the floor at a rock concert you know how the loud speakers(especially the low frequency woofers) beat out the rhythm on your chest because the air in your chest reflects the low frequency sound waves like waves in the ocean. My union friend told me that Benny’s sound tech would boost the woofers to max when Benny would wave his arms. The organist would make a whooshing sound on the keyboard while at the same time hold a toe down on the lowest bass pedal available.  Virtually below the threshold of audibly hearing it, the low frequency would be amplified massively by the sound tech so that it hit the crowd in a rush. Believe me, it is a magical rush to feel it hit you. I don’t have to explain the effect this would have on gullible people who didn’t realize they were being manipulated. They were “set up” to “feel” the power of God move. And Benny delivered on his promise. My union friend was horrified that a “man of God” would resort to crass “tricks of the trade” like that to impress his audience. I apologized to him and said God doesn’t need man’s help to impress folks. If God wants to touch someone He is perfectly capable of doing it on His own.  The article below in 2 parts almost sounds like my own life of deliverance from “Charismania”.  Read both parts. It will open your eyes.

Confessions of a Former Charismatic, Part 1: Me and Benny Hinn | Alpha and Omega Ministries.


Confessions of a former Charismatic Part 2

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