Can We know What Year Jesus was Born?

This link leads to an interesting discussion by Tony Warren about the year of Christ’s birth.  Many people believe Jesus was 33 years old at His crucifixion because His death was recorded as 33 A.D. But there are compelling scriptural arguments that Christ was in fact NOT born at year 0 but rather at 7 B.C. This would make Him 40 at his crucifixion rather than 33. This would make strong Biblical sense since we see 40 years used as symbolic of a Biblical  generation. One of the many symbols surrounding Christ would be that he represents  “perfect” obedience to the law for a generation, fulfilling symbolically successful adherence to the laws of God. His perfection then being representative for you and me, because we are totally incapable of perfect obedience to God.  I, for one, am thankful for his sacrificial life. Click link below to see why 7 B.C. seems more probable as the year of Christs birth.

Can We know What What Year Jesus was Born?