Theological Triage

Christians often have discussions about which doctrines are the most important, or the most essential.

Whether belief or unbelief about a particular doctrine is a “deal breaker” so to speak in the area of fellowship, or even “Can I call you a Christian if you don’t believe this particular doctrine?”

Triage on the battlefield “sorts out” the wounded so that those who are most “critically” in need of care get attended to first.

So, “Theological Triage” would be the sorting out of doctrines into essential, secondary, even tertiary issues.

Has this been done?

Well, funny you should ask.

Yes. It has.

Albert Mohler, President of  The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has a blog where he has done just that very thing and then goes on to explain why it is necessary.

Well thought out, cogent article that will have you thinking for a while.

Take a look. Click here. This is well worth reading.