The Devil Made Me Do It…or Did He?

Flip Wilson back in his ’71 television show used the phrase “The devil made me do it” to much comedic effect. Even pagans or other unbelievers could see through the ruse.  Rationalization is probably the most often used tactic to escape responsibility for our perceived “missteps”. (No one wants to call it SIN anymore, after all.) Yet there are whole ministries in Christendom built around giving Christians the obvious out of “The devil made me do it” ploy. Have you ever heard of so-called “demonic strongholds” in the life of a believer? How about “generational curses”? Then there are the multitude of “deliverance” ministries, prominently promoted on many Christian TV networks. Does Scripture tell us that Christians can be possessed by a demon? Or so heavily oppressed or influenced that we escape responsibility for our actions? I think not. Scripture does talk about being carried into sin by our own lusts and desires, but we’d rather have someone or something else to blame for our sin, right?  This is nothing new of course.

Eve tried to pass the buck immediately, saying in effect “the devil made me do it” or : “The Serpent deceived me” ploy,

But Adam was even worse. “That woman.”  (blame Eve)…  “You gave me.” (maximum hubris…blame God!)

Yeah, that has been around a long time. About time we gave it up, ya think?