"Income Inequality" – The Fad Phrase of the Day

Much is being said in the talking head media about income inequality since the president began stressing the issue. In my youth the saying was “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” So it seems that the issue wasn’t invented yesterday. Maybe it was “re-invented” yesterday. A lot of things are being “re-invented” every week, right?

Maybe instead of “re-inventing” or repackaging old ideas to give them a new “spin” we just need to “re-think” the issue entirely.

You know, the Bible has a little to say that might just be “relevant”, to borrow an early ’70s word.  As Americans we often get focused on climbing the economic ladder. We try to keep up with the Jones-es. The balance of our checkbook seems to take priority over the condition of our immortal soul.  Matt 16:26 warns us there are more important things than how high we climb in society.  Rev 3:17-18 sets the premise clearly in the stark light of day.

The lilies of the field are dressed by God in beauty, and yet they wither and die in a short time.  Maybe we need to redirect our thoughts from “income inequality” to “spiritual maturity”.