Actions…Reactions…What is REALLY Important?

My wife and I are retired and totally dependent on Social Security payments to meet our daily expenses. That has a tendency to focus your mind on things of earth, to say the least. There are times when we are basically kept prisoners in our own home waiting for the next check. We run out of milk, bread, eggs, gas for the car and may wait up to a week or more for the next check so we can buy groceries or put gas in the car. I’m not complaining. It’s just a fact of life. We are far better off here in America than most people in third world countries. We live in a small mobile home,with a wood burning stove in the living room and an electric heater in the bedroom. This morning it is 21 degrees outside and 38 in the kitchen. Only yesterday did we install a new tankless water heater so we won’t run out of hot water ever again.  We have been without hot water since July of last year and have been unable to afford to replace the water heater til now. Though sometimes we are inconvenienced for a few days, on the whole life is good. God is good. All the time. Like the old Billy Sprague tune says, “Life is hard..but God is good!”

It is easy to get in a rut complaining about “Poor me. I have such troubles. Where is God when I need Him?” Of course, we are focused on the wrong things aren’t we? 1 Chronicles 22:19 says, “Now set your mind and heart to seek the Lord your God.” While we see  Colossians 3:2  says,  “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.” And then there is  1 Peter 1:13   “Therefore, preparing your minds for action, and being sober-minded, set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.”

So what is the takeaway here? Simply this: We can REACT to our momentary situation and let our emotions and mind be ruled by the exigent circumstances in which we find ourselves, OR we can set our mind and heart on things that are truly important. What is eternal and what is temporal? Everything we see: every luxury, every necessity …every trial or temptation we experience here on this Earth is temporary. It will all be burned up on the last day. So what will we take with us when we go? It is certain we came into this world naked and totally dependent on others. It is also certain we will enter the next life with nothing and find ourselves totally dependent on God. The only question we must settle can only be settled on THIS side of the veil. When we arrive on the other side will we find God to be a friend? A loving Father? or will we be terrified of the most implacable foe in the universe? Only YOU can answer that question. And I was worried about putting gas in my car? Really!