Of Ducks and Dynasties and GLAAD.

Have you ever gone to Amazon.com and searched Duck Dynasty Merchandise? An eye opener for sure. More than 2,000 items for sale with some connection or other to the Robertson’s Duck Dynasty empire. Prior to the reality show Duck Commander was a leader in the duck call manufacturing industry. $40 million a year selling duck calls is what you might call a successful business. They don’t need the money from the reality show, although being wise stewards and entrepreneurs, you can see they have not lost any opportunity to capture some additional income by marketing products related to their number one reality show. They draw as many as 14 million viewers a week on the program (2 million more, by the way, than the number of viewers who tuned in for the “Breaking Bad finale according to GQ).

A&E has decided to suspend Phil Robertson the patriarch & founder of Duck Commander from the reality program. In today’s politically correct America you can be censored even if the infraction never appeared on their program. Phil had the unfortunate chance to stand still for an interview for GQ where he answered far ranging questions. Inevitably, they got around to gay marriage and Phil in his usual frank and possibly crude manner explained exactly what the Bible says about homosexuality, without any disclaimers. A&E and GLAAD were not pleased. Now, could he have worded his response a little better? Of course, but face facts, would it have made any difference at all? When you quote admittedly paraphrasing from Corinthians 6:9 “Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men…”  then that is just the jumping off point for a critical interviewer to make hay. As you read the interview, or more properly an article about the family sprinkled with supposed quotes from family members, the author makes fun of them with his own version of crude obscenity laden humor. So…what will become of the Duck Dynasty reality show? Can it survive without Phil in the cast? Will the cast choose to go on without Phil? Will A&E bow to the pressure from GLAAD and forego the millions of dollars they are reaping the most popular reality show on TV? If they do cancel, will other cable channels get in line to ride that gravy train to the bank? Time will tell. BTW there is a movement to boycott A&E on Facebook. My take is to get one and all to send Duck Dynasty ratings through the roof and boycott every other hour on A&E sending the rest into the tank. A total boycott of A&E which made a dip in Dynasty’s ratings would be interpreted as the public boycotting the show because of his remarks in the GQ article, which is the exact opposite that the Facebook page is attempting to achieve. I’m just sayin’.