I AM the Mighty One

We were oh so troubled, our hearts were filled with dread.

“Oh tell us then, when is the end?” And this is what He said:

Be not deceived! For in My Name shall many others lie,

Saying “I am Christ!”, And foolish ones will follow, though they die.


Nation against nation, rising up in jealous rage,

Famine, pestilence and quakes, they will not end the age.

For this is just the start of all the sorrows yet to be.

For many shall be betrayed and killed, and all because of Me.


False prophets will declare I’ve come, and in the desert hide,

Or, sitting in some secret room I call you to my side.

But do not go, I tell you friend, there will no wonder be,

compared to when I split the sky and bring you home to me!


The earth will mourn and gnash their teeth. The coming of the King

Whose arrival brings their judgement , with Truth the air shall ring!

Though sun grow dark, and moon grow red, I tell you do not fear.

Though others tremble at these signs, My Voice they cannot hear.


So fear not! I have overcome the world, you know it’s true!

And though I’ve gone remember what it is I said to you.

Preparing many mansions,for those whose faith endures,

I will return to take my own. Of that you can be sure.

I’m watching over you with care, until your time is done.

Behold I’m with you to the end.

I AM the Mighty One!